The Garden Project
Sunday, February 12, 2006, 02:01
Coral atolls are one of the most infertile soil types on the planet. Despite high rainfall and seemingly lush vegetation, most of these plants are inedible weeds that have adapted to the inhospitable climate. Coconut trees are planted throughout the islands, their extensive root system consumes what little nutrients are found in the soil. As a result the local inhabitants do not have a tradition of growing fruit or vegetables, cases of malnutrition, especially in children are common.
LEAP/ YIJ have been working with the local communities over the past two years to develop a gardening system that uses locally available resources and overcomes the difficulties of the environment. This system involves, no dig gardening, composting, seed saving and crop rotation.
Families are encouraged to build small kitchen gardens in their homes are assisted with seeds, training and ongoing support.

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